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comments on voting tables

1) in new mexico and presumably eleswhere there are ergonomic requirements on the weight, size, need for wheels if larger than XXX.

2) in new mexico and elsewhere machines are disributed 5 days in advanced and stored in the princpal's office or in a lockable room. Making these less compact presents issues.

3) Adding mechanical features like "legs" invites mechanical failure

4) I prefer the idea of using PDA based systems. The cost savings in robust drop-resistant construction, warehouse-to-polling place distribution and secure storage issues would probably offset any preimium you paid for the PDA. (heck use a simputer).

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On Apr 15, 2004, at 1:27 PM, Alan Dechert wrote:

> For example, for the voting booth we are thinking of using a table on
> which the flat panel display would lay horizontal--in a shallow box to
> hold it. The PC would be in a cage fixed underneath the table. I am
> told such tables are commercially available, although I haven't
> researched this.

Many counties would consider this too great an investment! They'd want
way to run the thing with whatever folding tables they could rent from
the local rental store, or to run the thing using the tables already
at the polling place, if it's a gym or school.

The Avante DRE/paper-trail machine is an off-the-shelf HP laptop and
printer packaged inside an enclosure.

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