Re: Left off the ballot?

From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 15:04:38 CDT

>> Historically, this fact has been used for rigging. Punch cards can
>> be "rigged" at the printing plant by filing down the dies that
>> pre-perforate the chads, making the chads for one candidate slightly
>> harder to dislodge than another.

>I have seen this allegation repeatedly, but have never seen any
>evidence that this attack has actually been done.

Here is a related example in yesterdays news:

"The Illinois Institute of Technology studied the voting equipment and concluded that poorly manufactured voting templates - plastic guides that voters use when poking their punch cards - helped contribute to the 122,289 undervotes. More than 6 percent of the 2 million voters in Cook County failed to register a presidential vote."

>> 2) Systematically, making changing the votes say 2% of the time so
>> that votes toggle to another candidate before the ballot is printed
>> out. Sure the voter can verify on paper this happened but what
>> fraction actually will.

>So, the effectiveness of voter self-audits on the system depends
>critically on the frequency of voter's checking the paper. It also depends on the
>instrucitons given to the polling place workers about how to respond to
>voter complaints.

I disagree. as your own calculations (not shown) indicate the rate of noticed switched ballots may be on the order of one per polling place.

But realize that in normal elections voters may possibly have 1 percent error rate or more. That is they vote differently than they intended to. I base this on the fact that overvotes occur. Undervotes also suggest this but may have other explanations. Thus at any precint there are going to be a simmilar number of irate voters insisting the machine changed their ballots even when its just their own mistake. This will mask real ballot swaps I expect.

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