Re: Left off the ballot?

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 14:52:06 CDT

On Apr 15, 2004, at 3:38 PM, Douglas W. Jones wrote:
> OK, indeed, you might record the order of the selections made for each
> ballot, so long as you only recorded order and not timestamps.

Did you notice, Doug, my probabilistic attack on the
session-click-order records in narrowing down "quick voters" and "slow

> But even this is dangerous, because I could use some eccentric order of
> select and deselect actions as a 'signature' that would be read by the
> insider who's buying my vote to verify that I'm entitled to my payoff.
> Better not to record this information.

I agree with this conclusion, largely because I just don't see the
significant debugging advantage of knowing click-order.

However, an insider vote buying attack need not rely on this (my prior
discussion is in the list archive). The most obvious way to arrange a
tip-off is with a unique write-in vote value. But even if that one is
masked somehow, ranked-order contests provide a *whole lot* of possible
options, even without knowing the order in which ranks are

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