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Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 13:27:32 CDT

A fellow asked about industrial design so I dummied up this "drawing."

Comments welcome.

Alan D.

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It's a little early since our software is only demo/prototype. But maybe it's fine to start on that. I don't have a lot of time at the moment since our priority is to get some funding for the production system we are beginning to work on.

The basic idea here is to keep the dedicated components to a bare minimum. As much as possible, we want to use generic stuff that has uses elsewhere.

For example, for the voting booth we are thinking of using a table on which the flat panel display would lay horizontal--in a shallow box to hold it. The PC would be in a cage fixed underneath the table. I am told such tables are commercially available, although I haven't researched this.

I have attached a very crude sketch of the voting booth arrangement.

Thanks for writing.

Alan Dechert

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  I read about you in SV Biz Ink. Iam interested in the hardware technology that your voting software will eventually run on.
  Can you tell me who is developing the physical devices and how that process will evolve?

  Tom Keegan
  Industrial Designer

  434 South First Street
  San Jose, CA 95113

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