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May I add this info to the site?

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At 9:10 AM -0800 4/8/04, Arthur Keller wrote:
>At 8:35 AM -0700 4/8/04, Fred McLain wrote:
>>I've started (rather late) a list of links to media coverage about our
>>demo. Please add any additional links you might have. Notably I've
>>misplaced the links that Eron sent us.
>> -Fred-
>THE touch-screen holy grail
>San Jose Mercury News - San Jose,CA,USA
>... The founders of Open Voting Consortium, a non-profit group of software
>engineers and computer scientists, built the system in their spare time.
>ELECTRONIC Voting Machine Software Open For Examination
>Information Week - United States
>... Last week the Open Voting Consortium, a volunteer group of engineers
>and programmers, demonstrated a version of its election software, which
>it opened for ...
>OPEN Voting Software System Demonstrated
>TechWeb - USA
>The Open Voting Consortium (OVC), a group of volunteer engineers and
>reached a major milestone Thursday in demonstrating a version of its free
>VOLUNTEER Group Demos Free Election Software
>Information Week - United States
>The Open Voting Consortium showed off its software; it hopes to produce
>an offering that can be used with older PCs, doing away with existing
>systems. ...
>BAY Area Programmers Develop Touchscreen Alternative
>Berkeley Daily Planet - Berkeley,CA,USA
>... The Open Voting Consortium (OVC), a nonprofit group with several Bay
>Area members, recently announced the development of touchscreen voting
>machine software ...
>ELECTRONIC voting alternative offered
>Kansas City Star (subscription) - Kansas City,MO,USA
>... Thus was born the Open Voting Consortium, a group of volunteer
>and professors dedicated to developing a ``technically sound, accurate,
>secure ...
>SHEILA Lennon: The Front-Runner's Fall
>Press-Enterprise (subscription) - Riverside,CA,USA
>... The Open Voting Consortium will demonstrate a version of its free
>software on the 1st of April at 10:00 AM in the Santa Clara County
>office ...
>DEMO of Free Software Voter-Verifiable Voting
>Slashdot - USA
>Lulu of the Lotus-Ea writes "The Open Voting Consortium (OVC) is holding
>a demonstration of its Free Software voting system in Santa Clara,
>on April ...
>HOW E-Voting Threatens Democracy
>Common Dreams - USA
>... This week, the Open Voting Consortium, an international group of
>plans to demonstrate a free, open-source voting software that runs on
>inexpensive ...
>E-VOTING is inevitable, despite flaws
>Seattle Times - Seattle,WA,USA
>... an opportunity to literally steal an election," warned Alan Dechert,
>a California elections-software activist whose nonprofit Open Voting
>plans to ...

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VOTEHERE Source Code Release, However Flawed, Is Huge
IT Manager's Journal - Fremont,CA,United States
... reference to the proprietary problems of Diebold makes the point that
source code that is made public, such as that of the Open Voting Consortium,
is superior ...
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