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Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 14:15:57 CDT

Forwarding with permission. Jeff was referred to me by Bev Harris. He may have some good ideas for capsulating some of our main points (this follows on the post I made about "sound bites" I made yesterday).

Your input appreciated.

Alan D.

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Well, a bit more than that.

I've reviewed and marked-up the 'talking points' and skimmed the press release.

I need to know exactly what you'd like me to focus on. I could redo the talking points and I have a lot of ideas on that already.

For example, in the "vote confidence" point.

Voter confidence is important but so it voter comprehension. OVC's solution for incorporating voter-verified ballots within the emerging eletronic voting shift requires no technical knowledge for voters to understand how it works. People are more likely to trust something they can easily understand.

An open voting system guarantees that voters will have relevant access to the accountability of the voting process.

[at this point, I would answer three questions raised by the sentence:

What do you mean by 'relevant access'?
Isn't 'accountability' just getting the math right?
How is voting a 'process'?]

I could also work on one-liners, headers for press releases, graphic images...


While they're saying it can't be done,
We're Doing It!
Open Voting: Your Future

"I am not buying this vehicle until I see a roof and four wheels!"

Is there ANY reason why voting shouldn't be open?

There are reasons why no one should profit on your vote.

so, I need a little direction..... let me know!


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