RE: What certification governs non-DRE electroin c systems

From: Karl Auerbach <karl_at_cavebear_dot_com>
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 14:12:40 CDT

> Terminology question:
> In talking with folks about the OVC system, I'm not sure that I have
> consistent terminology.

I've been trying to do something along those lines in the FAQ, but I'm not
happy with the results so far. I'm having particular trouble coming up
with the name of the machine/software/printer combination used by voters
to make their choices and print the yet-to-be-cast ballot. (Notice also
that I also don't know what to call the yet-to-be-cast ballot.)

> DRE: Direct Recording Electronic, an electronic ...

A key point about DRE is that it is a unified system that does all
things and thus fails the Medici test (which is the notion that integrity
is vastly improved if information is processed and transmitted by at least
two different methods and in two different forms - think of double entry
bookeeping as an example.)

> VES: Vote Entry Station, an electronic (i.e. touchscreen) system that prints
> human readable (i.e. paper) ballots. Great for ensuring no overvotes,
> alerting users to undervotes, can support blind users through speech
> interface, etc. (i.e. all of the advantages of DRE's, but with a physical
> record of votes).

This machine would also present the ballot and contests to voter and
accept the voter's choices.

> VVS: Vote Verification Station, an electronic system that reads a ballot
> back so that voters, especially blind voters, can verify their ballots
> without loss of privacy.

It also ought to display the votes back so that it can be used more
quickly by sighted voters.

And we ought to avoid the word "blind" - "sight impaired" more correctly
encompasses not only the fully blind but also the many who can still see
things but not necessarily to the degree necessary to read.

> VTS: Vote Tabulation Station, a system that is used to tabulate all of the
> ballots and produce the results for the polling station.

> What do you think?

It's certainly better than what I have.

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