Re: Demo Photos Available

From: Douglas W. Jones <jones_at_cs_dot_uiowa_dot_edu>
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 09:39:44 CDT

On Apr 4, 2004, at 7:55 PM, Cory Hamma wrote:

> Hi All,
> There are some photos my father took at the San Jose demo available on
> my web site:

Nice photos.

The stunning thing to note is the fraction of us who wear beards.
In a virtual community such as ours, you can work with people for
years and never know how they look unless someone posts a photo.
Captions would be nice, so that those of us who don't know the
participants could figure out who the dramatis personae are.

                Doug Jones

                (one of those with a beard)
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