Re: What certification governs non-DRE electroinc systems

From: Karl Auerbach <karl_at_cavebear_dot_com>
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 04:39:50 CDT

David Jefferson's response to this question strikes me as most likely
being the eventual answer to your question.

My own take is that if one looks only at the ballot printing aspect, then
perhaps the OVC system is not a DRE.

However, as an entire system, it may not be a DRE, but it does have many
of the same functions - with the additional aspect that there's this
archival pile of paper that runs through the middle of the system.

So, my sense is that there's no chance of avoiding certification. But it
does make sense to argue that the certification tests, if not the
certification goals, for the OVC system are somewhat different than for a
paperless-does-it-all-in-one-box DRE.

My own personal sense is that there is momentum building in the public
opinion that will begin to melt some of the "if it's electronic then it
must be a DRE" positions.

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