Re: What certification governs non-DRE electroinc systems

From: David Jefferson <d_jefferson_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 00:21:59 CDT

> Since this topic has come up on OVC and Alan has tersely suggested that
> OVC might not require these certifications I wanted to follow this up.
> What certifications does OVC or a non-DRE assistive device need? Or
> has this issue at least been looked at in the context of a particular
> ( presumably california)? Finally, if you dont know the answer where is
> place to look--Naively one would assume the best person to ask would be
> the head of the NASED but empirically this is not the case!

If I understand your question correctly, here is my take at the answer, at
least until the new NIST standards are promulgated and take effect.

All voting systems for public election, whether or not they are DREs,
require certification by the states they are used in. In each state some
office or agency is empowered to do that certification, usually the
Secretary of State.

Most states (about 3/4), including California, require NASED "qualification"
before they will even consider state certification. So the basic answer is
yes, any voting system based on OVC will require NASED qualification, unless
you want to be confined to the few states that do not require it. And all
such systems will have to be certified in each of the states in which they
are adopted for use.

There are NASED standards for every major kind of voting system. Which
NASED standards you have to meet depend on the kind of system you are
classified as. My assumption is that the closest match is the DRE
standards, in spite of the point you make that your system is not a DRE.


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