What certification governs non-DRE electroinc systems

From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sun Apr 04 2004 - 22:48:34 CDT

    Yesterday I debated the president of the National association of state election directors before the NM ACLU, although she was actually there wearing her more provincial hat as New Mexico State Elections director. The NASED has about as much importance to how elections are conducted in this country as the FEC does. She is pushing touchscreen DREs in new mexico, and they are being ordered as I write this.

During the panel discussion an audience member asked why the state was not using assisitive or other non-DRE touch screens to meet its HAVA obligations. Her response was than none had been certified for use in NM or federally (perhaps not true but she said it I didn't). The question was asked if certification was required since they were not DREs and the federal/state laws discuss DREs not enhanced ballot printers. She asserted that they would have to meet federal certification before state approval would be given. (Her answer did not really answer the question of what laws are governing what certification.)

Since this topic has come up on OVC and Alan has tersely suggested that OVC might not require these certifications I wanted to follow this up. What certifications does OVC or a non-DRE assistive device need? Or has this issue at least been looked at in the context of a particular state ( presumably california)? Finally, if you dont know the answer where is the place to look--Naively one would assume the best person to ask would be the head of the NASED but empirically this is not the case!

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