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From: Nathan L. Adams <adamsn79_at_bellsouth_dot_net>
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 19:36:06 CST

We need every selling point we can get. One of the big practical selling
points is the fact that we can do a voting machine on cheap hardware. So my
suggestion, for demo purposes, is a cheapo, small form-factor computer. The
money saved could be used on a large high-res flatscreen.


On Friday 02 April 2004 05:10 pm, charlie strauss wrote:
> >(I'm actually kinda intrigued by the idea of using a Linux X-Box or a
> >Linux PDA as a platform, but let's not go off on those tangents. ;-)
> The latter, a PDA, is a BRILLIANT suggestion. It solves one of the major
> security issues and cost issues associated with these systems.
> At present, distributing and securing voting machines before an election is
> a major issue. In most states these things get pu in the principle's
> office or janitors closet about 5 to 7 days defore the election. Sometimes
> bicycle locks are used for added physical "security". Obviously this is a
> sad state of affairs.
> The use of PDAs would make it practical for the systems to be programmed
> and placed in an actual SAFE for distribution to the precints.
> The second issue that represents considerable expense has been secure
> storage and distribution. I realize OVC has a model that would allow
> contractors to do this but of course some states will still want to own and
> handle their own devices. Here in new mexico we had an incident where it
> was discovered the men transporting these were 1) drunk, 2) had not drivere
> licenses, 3) left the machines in the hooters parking lot all day, 4)
> managed to crash the truck 5) ran away when the police came, 6) and the
> place where they crashed the truck with all the machines was not on a path
> from the warehose to any polling place, or the hooters, and no one can
> account for the time these machines were out.
> Again storing and distributing PDA in SAFEs goes a long way to factoring
> out physical security issues.

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