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There's a challenge in using a laptop screen, since the ballot really
requires a large screen to be readable. But we could certainly use a small
laptop with a mouse connected to a monitor, for the demo, or perhaps the
"tablet" computers that have been shipping recently, if we can get Linux
running on them properly. The tablet computers, while a bit expensive, have
the advantage that they've got fairly large touchscreens so the duplicate
the actual voting experience fairly well.

I _love_ the idea of a bootable CD with our software set up on it. Aside
from the obvious advantages in production, it would make it dramatically
easier for people to demo the system. I'd love to be able to show anyone the
OVC system by booting a CD in any PC. And I hope that we'll be doing a lot
of demo's. :-)

- LP

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> 1. We need smaller, more portable machines with smaller (flat screen)
> monitors. Lugging big boxes and monitors around is a pain.

There are a number of makers of very small form factor computers.
These aren't the ones that will typically be available from used-system
resellers, but they are also not particularly expensive (especially in
comparison to $5000 Diebold stations). Rack-mount (1U) form might be
usable, perhaps with the LCD lain on top of the "pizza box" machine.

> (Personally I'd suggest that we build a boot-from-CD version of Linux,
> along the likes of Knoppix, pruning out everything unneeded [including
> networking code on non-development versions].

I've been talking about an "EVMix" live-CD for a while on the
development list. I certainly believe this is the way we really need
to go in the long-run, and probably in the medium-run.

Quite aside from the convenience of the boot process and physical
transport, there are strong security reasons to do this. Eventually,
OVC software should undergo certification processes. Having an ISO
image with a provable MD5 sum shows that the software being run is
REALLY the same as the software certified. In fact, a procedural step
in a precinct can be to carry the EVMix CD to non-OVC, non-custom PC,
and verify its MD5 sum BEFORE booting a voting station with that CD.

Yours, David...

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