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  Status Code Report  

The Status Code Report lists the HTML headers returned to the client from the server. For example a status '200 OK' means that the requested page or image was found and the server will now send it. A '404 Document Not Found' means that the requested page or image cannot be found on this server at the specified location. This can occur if the client mistyped a URL or clicks on a broken link. A complete list of the HTTP status codes can be found at HTTP Working Group.

This report shows all results. This report is sorted alphabetically.

Status Code Report: Number of requests by Status Code.

Status CodeNumber of requests
1.200 OK31,394,228
2.206 Partial content471,260
3.301 Document moved permanently249,128
4.302 Document found elsewhere28
5.304 Not modified since last retrieval1,562,481
6.400 Bad request10,104
7.401 Authentication required3
8.403 Access forbidden221,641
9.404 Document not found1,601,249
10.405 Method not allowed8,023
11.412 Precondition failed4
12.413 Request too long5
13.416 Requested range not valid16,550
14.500 Internal server error66,232
15.501 Request type not supported1,435
16.504 Gateway timeout6

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