Contacting Gnosis Software:

Gnosis Software provides custom designed software and consulting services to meet your business needs.  Here are a few of the things that we can do for you:

Gnosis Software Features 
User friendly functionality, so that even first-time users can be up and running right away!
Human-centric graphical interfaces, which promote ease of use and make using the software more enjoyable!
High-quality documentation to assist users in understanding the software thoroughly!
Customization for individual business requirements, so that your software does exactly what you want it to!

Current Projects:

Gnosis Software currently has several web-based products under development for use in the financial services industry.  These products, called the Ariadne Insurance Trianing System, will function to administer and manage a company's testing and training programs and to determine CE requirements and track compliance.

If you are a company in the financial services industry, please feel free to contact Gnosis for information on licensing our testing, training, and tracking software.  As well as our new versions designed around web-based administration, Gnosis is able to provide, through its development partnership with Future Measures Incorporated, a range of PC based products tailored for the insurance and finance industries.

Look at the links section of this page for free-trial and demonstration versions of our testing, training and tracking products:  TMSWeb, CESearch, CEStatus, and related products and services.   Also under the links is technical documentation of Ariadne, for use by either our clients or potential clients who wish to integrate Ariadne with their own systems.

Technical Development Specializations:

Gnosis Software offers development using a wide variety of tools and system environments.  We are able to make recomendations about appropriate platform choices for your own systems, or to further customize existing legacy systems.  Further, through our business content division, Gnosis Consulting, we are able to create custom learning materials in several specialized areas.  Our staff and regular consultants create computer based training and testing content in insurance, financial services, and legal education curriculum development.

Not meant as an exhaustive list, but illustrative are some of the technical environments we have developed with (and also have available for further development, as appropriate):

Programming Languages 
Visual Studio  
OS's and Environments  
Windows 3.1  
Windows 95/98  
Windows NT  
Web browsers
Types of Systems  
- Computer-based training materials 
- Testing systems (including to meet regulatory requirements)
- Administrative user tracking
- Back-end web-server tools to aid in-house web development
- Informational hypertext systems in various formats
- Office automations systems
- SOHO database applications

Links to Further Resources:

Follow these links for additional information on Gnosis and its products.
Ariadne Insurance Training System
Our reference prototype of our Web-based training systems exists under the name AITS. AITS will provide a client-neutral working model of each functional component available, and provides a good starting point for exploring Gnosis' products in this area.
Ariadne Technical Documentation
Along with our reference prototype of AITS, a set of reference documents details the interfaces, object-model, and functional definitions of each available component. For consideration of integration of Gnosis' products into existing internal or 3rd party systems, please examine the documentation in this link.
Daedalus Online
A sample client-customized implementation of the AITS products has been created under the Daedalus name. Much of Daedalus overlaps the AITS reference implementation, but examples of interface customization are demonstrated in the modified presentation and navigational features of Daedalus.
Download Area
Several offline demonstrations and presentations relating to the AITS/Daedalus system have been created. Please visit the download area to check on the availability of these items.