Consult  for more information on this project, and a 
working interface page.

===============================================================================     The main module for compression/encryption

encode_address.cgi    A particular implementation of the anonym generator
                      (more an example than a finished front-end)

huffman               A Huffman encoding table (generated from a corpus  
                      of email addresses in my email archives)

anon-forward.cgi      A somewhat silly script to perform the forwarding
                      that can be invoked via CGI (during testing)


You can generate a KEYFILE on a Unix-like system using:

    % head -c 64 /dev/random > KEYFILE

The scripts 'new_*' can be used to generate new keys for the named
duration (and below).  They currently produce a debugging display of the 
old and new keys; but that should go away.