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Special items

I reported from OSCon 2006 (in a blog style) for IBM developerWorks.

General Publication List

I write two columns for IBM developerWorks. One on (mostly introductory) Python topics, called Charming Python. The other is called XML Matter, and is on matters XML (generally at a somewhat more advanced level). The installments have grown sufficiently numerous to warrant new branches.

Charming Python installments

XML Matters installments

I have written quite a few tutorials, tips, explorations, editorials, and whatnot. Most of these have run on IBM developerWorks, a few have been published elsewhere. A number of them have coauthors, which is indicated if applicable.

Text Processing in Python

My book! Electronic version available with the kind permission of my publisher, Addison Wesley.

Ramblings on esoteric and flatfooted programming topics

There is a little thing I did that was only sort-of published. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) runs a certification in Linux skills. IBM's Certification Exam (ICE) Tool, in turn, provides (free-of-cost) practice tests for LPI and other certifications. I wrote those practice LPI tests for ICE. You can find the content in a simple HTML format at: